Breadth of Services

All of our services are customized to meet owner needs and direction. In managing a hotel project, the design/pre-construction phases are more labor intensive; early stages of construction until framing and MEP rough-ins are complete is less intensive. As the hotel construction reaches the sixth – ninth month before opening, construction oversight becomes more intensive building up until turnover and acceptance of spaces are complete. It is essential for the turnover/acceptance to be closely coordinated with the openings team to ensure the most seamless delivery of the completed guestrooms, public and back-of-house spaces.

Preliminary Planning/Feasibility

We start with a review of the program furnished by the ownership, hotel operations and Brand requirements with regard to schedule and budget. You receive advice on site improvements, selection of materials, delivery and construction sequencing.

Design Phase Services

Advise and manage the activities of the project professional consultants. Attend design meetings at key milestones, review plans at schematic, design development and construction stages. Review revised cost estimate and schedule.

Construction Phase Services

Review construction schedule, turnover sequence and acceptance procedures, provide monthly updates, attend model room reviews, publish status reports, conduct on site construction reviews at key milestones to ensure compliance with approved plans and Brand standard and acceptable quality levels. Coordinate with pre-opening team. Present close out information/feedback for lessons learned.

Prototype Management/Maintenance/Enhancements

Assist in managing the prototype documentation, change enhancements, vendor relationships, development cost updates. Coordinate documentation to ensure prototype vision is accurately and appropriately documented. Attend model room reviews, provide feedback with regard to selection of materials, ease of use, guest experience.

Development Support for Pipeline Growth

Provide support to the team with project feasibility analysis, market and site selection, provide facilities programs, review preliminary project plans and provide introductions to potential developers.